About Us

You’ve heard of the four horsemen of the virgin apocalypse, and the five guys with burgers and fries, now prepare for the six sex bombs known candidly as the pork team.  We’ve got everything. A veritable one stop orgasm shop. There’s a mexican if you’re ladyparts like latinos. A tall guy capable of seeing over people shorter than him. Or if Italians make your nipples hard then boom, meet the chameleon, capable of slowly changing his curly locks grey to hide from his deranged counterpart (still working on changing it back to brown). Then who could forget the double-teamers. Watch out ladies, if you’ve got two holes you’ve got two problems when these captains of crush declare d-day on your woman-hood and storm the beach! And rounding out the order is the one they call the pirate. A hairy one eyed mongrel as smelly as he is suave. A standard-less swashbuckler hell bent on finding the booty. A man with high tide spirits and a fully erect mast.  That my friends is the pork team. A sextet of satisfaction.


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